Chapter XVII (Part Five) : Daphne - A Natural Tracker ☷

A firm nod.

That was all she could give in return. A part of Daphne longed for the idea of her having gotten to know Camden better. The first time she'd talked to a teenage boy around her age and she was letting go so fast. It felt wrong, if not stupid of her to be giving up on a friend.

Not like I can judge what 'friend' really means. I've never had one.

Inhaling deeply in an attempt to calm herself down, she stepped back and gave way to the path. Her gaze met Camden's and she couldn't help but notice that he, too, seemed to be reluctant in leaving.

He opened his mouth to say something and stopped midway, frowning in thought. But she understood. He had a life to get to, a family that waited for him back in their house. She had no one and if she should do anything as a gesture of thanks for his company, that would be to have helped him back home.

Now she had. Yet, that didn't lessen the weight in her heart as she watched Camden pass by her. She wanted a friend and someone to talk to. Daphne was watching the only person that gave her the hope of that dream ever ocurring walk away. And she didn't stop him.

The End

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