Chapter XVII (Part Four) : Daphne - A Natural Tracker ☷

Hesitating, she contemplated for the shortest of seconds on whether she should follow him to the house. It's not like it was forbidden ground, right? After all, if Camden really considered Daphne a friend, there would be no wrong in venturing out on his backyard.

But what would his family think of her? She'd definitely faltered in the first impression that she'd given him. No, she wasn't ready to take the risk of interacting with 'normal' people quite yet.

Clearing her throat, Daphne turned around to face Camden. He had an expectant expression on his face, as if he was waiting for her to draw up yet another surprise. Pushing aside the realization that she must have overwhelmed him, she flashed him a small smile and pointed past the tree.

"A few feet North from here, maybe just a two-minute walk, and you should arrive at the backyard of your home. I'm sure you won't be needing me now, right?"

Daphne couldn't make out the reaction on Camden's face - a part of his expression was tinged with shock at what he'd just heard, the other filled with doubt. It probably had to do with the former emotion.

Yet Camden forced a smile onto his face, trying to cover up the fact that the new information was still sinking in.

"Thank you."

The End

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