Chapter XVII (Part Two) : Daphne - A Natural Tracker ☷

She didn't know what to have expected from him. Camden's eyebrows arched up in doubt and a questioning smile made its way to his lips. Thinking it be some kind of a joke, he laughed lightly, shaking his head at Daphne.

"You certainly are the actress, aren't you?"

This time, it was Daphne's turn to look surprised.

"What makes you think I'm joking? I can really show you the way to your house."

The sincerity in her voice caught Camden off guard and he bit down on his tongue, pursing his lips as a serious expression crossed his face. The last time he hadn't accepted her words had led to an awkward silence, and he certainly wouldn't want that to repeat itself.

But how could she possibly be serious?

Daphne smiled at the question marks in his eyes as she stood up, clapping her hands to dust off the remaining particles of soil on her palms. She could read into the thoughts Camden was having inside his head. But this time, her confidence didn't falter.

Daphne knew what she was talking about, and she wouldn't let her shyness get the better of her.

The End

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