Chapter XVI (Part Seven) : Kai - Flow ☵

Kai had never been one who took the concept of 'justice' seriously. He'd always been considered a protector since he always stuck up for his friends and victims of bullying. But for the first time, he'd taken matters in a more physical way than he'd imagined.

The plan started to play itself out in his head and Kai couldn't help but smile wickedly at the image that flickered in his mind. He could really use his power now to get back at these pricks. If he controlled water, that should also mean he could freeze it into the form of ice. That ability would come in handy, if he were to consider it.

A few drops of water trickled onto the palm of his hand. They stuck to the surface of his skin, waiting for their master to make a move. Deciding to test his waters, he formed his hand into a tight fist, willing the image in his head to life.

Slight stabs of pain ran through his hand. He could feel the droplets harden into something a little less fluid and more solid. Brown eyes temporarily scanning the area, Kai decided it was safe for him to do this in public. There was no one around that he could make note of.

Unfurling his fist slowly, he smiled to himself. It was better than what he'd imagined.

A whip of ice.

The End

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