Chapter XVI (Part Six) : Kai - Flow ☵

Before Kai could make any sense of what was happening, the boy stepped forward and aimed a punch right in his face. Kai hated getting into fights. He'd always been a 'talk-and-sort' kind of person but there was no avoiding this.

Crouching down, he tackled the boy to the floor, sweeping his leg hard against the boy's foot. The other one tried to kick Kai hard on the face but he caught his foot and twisted it. A sickening crack reverberated through the air as the second bully made hard contact against the ground, groaning in pain.

Kai dusted off his hands and stood up, looking down at his work.

Pretty neat.

Grinning to himself, he was about to walk away and leave 'the scene of the crime' when he saw a water bottle, which he assumed belonged to one of the boys. Ideas flew through his head, ideas he wanted to test.

Looking around briefly, he noticed that no one was around and so wouldn't see what he was about to try and do.

Smiling, Kai bent down and took the water bottle, opening it. Things were going to get real fun.

The End

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