Chapter XVI (Part Five) : Kai - Flow ☵

Kai approached the three of them in quick strides. Just before the two bullies were about to aim another kick at the boy, he blocked their way, glaring at them. They weren't from his school and by the shiny badge on their unkempt uniform, it was obvious that they were the home-school boarders.

"What do you want?" One of them glared at Kai, warning him to back off in the most friendliest way possible for him. But Kai shook his head firmly, answering back in an equally hostile tone, "Stop picking on him."

His accomplice threw back his head and laughed, deep and throaty. "What are you going to do about it?"

Deciding not to answer that question, he looked over his shoulder and shot the guy a meaningful look. Without a word, he got up to his feet and ran off in the opposite direction. The victim wasn't going to take any more chances.

"Great. He's gotten away."

Turning back to face the bullies, Kai shot them a flashy grin. "Why don't you mess with somebody your own size?"

The taller of the two boys raised an eyebrow as his hands clenched into fists by his side.

"We'd warned you."

The End

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