Chapter XVI (Part Four) : Kai - Flow ☵

As he made his way past the field, he could feel Ena's eyes on him but ignored the temptation to go confront her about everything. No, that would be wrong. It would be stupid and pointless considering how they'd ended their last conversation off.

Heading back towards the car park, he decided he might as well take the bus back to his academy. The driver had shift systems where he'd be taking back students that wanted to leave every hour. Time was ticking closer with every second to the 4:00 P.M and Kai thought he might as well make himself punctual by seating himself down while he waited for the others to join.

Turning around the corner of the indoor-sports building, he saw the bus only a few feet away. But his eyes immediately went to the boy on the sidewalk, as he glared up at the other two boys surrounding him. As strong as he tried to make himself look, he looked like he was about to cry.

Split lip, bleeding nose, and teary eyes, he needed help. And he would get it.

The End

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