Chapter XVI (Part Three) : Kai - Flow ☵

Now's not the time to stress your mind over some chick, Kai. She's just a girl you met at an interschool meet. That's all it's ever going to be.

Kai tried to persuade himself into thinking so but the itching inside of his heart, the doubt that seeped in and made him believe that there was something more irritated him. Even if there was a reason why he felt this way, Kai knew Ena would either ignore him completely or attack him the next time he tried talking to her.

There was only a limit to how much she could put up with him - not like he was doing anything wrong in the first place.

His eyes drifted off to the bleachers, and the third row at the top on which the sight of the red hair immediately caught his attention. Ena was staring at him as well, green eyes filled with hate and irritation as she glared daggers at him. He held her gaze, steadily as he calmly looked back at her - their eyes connecting in a silent battle of its own.

Midway through their staring competition, Kai realized how pointless it was.

I'm never going to see her in my life. This shouldn't be bothering me so much.

He retreated, breaking eye contact as he stood up and patted the grass off his pants. He was going to leave. 

The End

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