Chapter XVI (Part Two) : Kai - Flow ☵

Kai decided not to sit under the bleachers this time, noticing that Ena was there and instead headed towards the empty part of the field where a few other students were. He joined them on the grass, giving one of the girls who looked over at him a small smile before redirecting his attention to the field.

Though Kai's eyes were stuck on the players of the two teams on the soccer field, his mind was no where near the details of the gameplay. Kai had never been one of those desperate guys who seeked a girl. The closest friend he'd ever had that was of the opposite gender was Moira. He'd never been one of those guys who went out with girls or who'd been in relationships with a few.

Kai had been too focused on his wishes to fulfill his parent's expectations to care about the romantic side of his social life. Sometimes Moira had tried tricking him into seeing a girl on a blind date - usually one of her very interested friends.

But Kai made it clear every single time: he was never interested.

But if that were true, why was he so intrigued with this 'Ena'?

The End

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