Chapter XVI : Kai - Flow ☵

Chapter XVI

Kai - Flow

Did I have to go all out cocky on her?

Kai released a sigh, as his gaze followed after Ena. She didn't look back, not once and he knew that he'd gone beyond the line.

When she'd left, he noticed the sunlight shine off of something bright against the dull plastic seat she'd been occupying. And that's when Kai had seen the necklace. It didn't take him a long time to figure out who it belonged to.

But her reaction had thrown him off. Not that he hadn't expected her to be harsh to him. He'd experienced that side of her already to know that the hostility she had against him wouldn't have disappeared in a split second. He couldn't figure why she'd been so irritated with him. It's not like he'd been rude.

You'd been cocky!

Only because she'd provoked that!

He decided to drop it, as he made his way back towards the field. But this time, he'd avoid her.

The End

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