Chapter XV : Ena - Hot On Her Tail ☲

Chapter XV

Ena - Hot On Her Tail

Heart pounding furiously against her chest, Ena cast suspicious glances around as she walked away from the scene of her crime. Could anyone hear her? Could they sense the truth behind the reaction to the joke that that stupid boy had just said?

Why? Why did her day just have to get worse by the second? Did she have something of a bad luck charm stuck to her - telling all the karma of the world to just come back and hit her with it?

Groaning internally, she shoved her way past a girl from the opposing school who muttered a curse, loud enough for a lot of people to turn around and check Ena out. But she didn't care at all. She wanted to get out of the campus, as far away from that 'Kai' as fast as she could.

Though she hadn't exactly lied to him, she'd felt as if her pants were on fire with every minute she spoke. It was obvious that he'd hinted something strange about her and that made her nervous.

She would let no one know her secret; not one soul than herself.

The End

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