Chapter XIV (Part Six) : Camden - An Exchange ☰

It took him a while for it to sink in that all Daphne had been telling him was the truth. Crazy ideas ran through his head, fragments of it including lab experimentation, DNA implants and other stories that really made no sense.

There should be a logical explanation for this but Camden couldn't find any. Instead, he turned to Daphne, eyes not wavering from the small group as he whispered, "They actually brought you food? Real food?"

"Yes," she answered, bending down as she held her finger out to one of them. A baby ferret waddled forward and then held onto the small finger, squeezing it lightly with her paw.

"They must have brought it from the orphanage. There were pies and cakes and spring rolls. But that's quite high class for that place."

Daphne frowned in thought, looking over her shoulder at Camden who stiffened. All the delicacies she'd just named is something his mom cooked every time Claira and him came over.

Which could only mean one thing...

The creatures of the forest had ambushed his kitchen.  

The End

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