Chapter XIV (Part Five) : Camden - An Exchange ☰

Camden wasn't sure how to react to that idea. A part of him wanted to laugh it off, as if she'd said a joke but another could make out the seriousness of the suggestion she'd just given him.

This time, seeing the excitement on her face, Camden didn't want to be the reason for it to wipe off. And so, bracing himself for the absurd answer he was just about to give, he nodded and said, "Yes."

Daphne immediately got to her feet, urging Camden to follow her. "Come on! You're going to love them!"

Deciding it wouldn't hurt to see a few furry brown animals, he followed Daphne as she led him deeper into the woods. They approached a looming tree, that stood in the center of the forest. It connected itself to the other greenery around and Camden somehow imagined it being the start of the forest - the Mother.

While too busy admiring its height, he didn't see the small gathering around the thick roots of the tree; not until Daphne pinched him lightly on the arm.

"That's them," she said softly, pointing at her friends. Camden's gaze moved to the group of animals who turned around to face the two. One of them, a squirrel with dark brown fur the color of chocolate, raised one paw to his head and then jutted it out.

Did it just salute me?

Camden's eyes widened as he tried to absorb what he was seeing. Yet as the rest of the squirrels flashed their two front teeth, giving him a toothy grin, he knew this was reality.

The End

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