Chapter XIV (Part Four) : Camden - An Exchange ☰

Camden didn't know how to provoke a conversation as an awkward silence settled into the air. He shouldn't have snapped at her like that. Even though his reaction hadn't exactly been rude, the emotions that had escaped onto his face had made it clear that he thought what she'd said was crazy.

And it was... Things like that don't just happen to people and it's a wonder that she got any food in a forest like this in the first place. It would have been a believable story if Daphne had maybe said that she'd found it herself but squirrels? Where did they come from?

Letting out a huff of breath, Camden said in a quiet but audible voice, "I didn't mean to offend you, honestly. I've heard a lot of stories about animals but it's the first time someone told me that squirrels brought them their meal."

Daphne watched him, her gaze flickering from hurt to shock. She shook her head, saying quickly, "You didn't offend me! It's just that...I don't know how exactly to explain or justify my story."

Camden smiled and opened his mouth to say something but stopped when a wide grin broke out onto Daphne's face. The light danced in her sapphire eyes as she bit down on her lower lip, considering.


"Unless what?" Camden asked.

Her smile grew and she whispered in a mysterious tone, "Unless you'd like to meet them yourself."

The End

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