Chapter XIV : Camden - An Exchange ☰

Chapter XIV

Camden - An Exchange

"So what is a girl like you doing out in the woods in such a time like this?" Camden grinned, trying not to sound incredibly charming as he spoke to Daphne. Either she pretended to ignore him or was completely oblivious to it as she played with the soil, fingers making spiral-like designs on the surface of the rich Earth.

"It's not a happy story," she mumbled quietly. Strands of hair curtained a side of her face and the nervous blush that rose up in her olive-toned cheeks could not be seen. But Camden sensed the change in the atmosphere.

Nevertheless, he softly said, "I'm ready to hear it if you want to tell me."

Daphne chewed on her lower lip, letting the grains of the loose soil tickle her palm. She seemed to be hesitating, opening her mouth then closing it. But Camden stayed patient. He was curious but he wouldn't push her.

"If you don't want to-"

"I never really got to know my parents."

The End

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