Chapter XIII (Part Six) : Kai - Slippery Introductions ☵

"Who are you?"

Her words stung, the bitterness so clear in her tone. It was obvious that she didn't want to talk to him but Kai wouldn't give up. Not yet.

"My name is Kai. I'm from the Parkinson's Academy. It's not too far off from here if you've heard about it and -"

"I know about that academy," she cut him off sharply. Sighing, Kai ran a hand through his air in frustration. She had a tough exterior to break into and he sensed himself having trouble being friends with her. She wouldn't even let him complete his sentences!

"Which school are you from?" He asked, forcing the conversation on.

"A public one."

He winced. Public schools sucked, or so he'd heard. Noticing this, a frown made its way to the girl's face. "Why do you even care?"

Ah, she'd hit him in the right spot.

Kai squirmed in his seat, looking away momentarily as he tried to think of something smart to snap her back with. But he didn't quite know the answer to that question himself. Why did he have such an interest in this girl? Sure, he'd always been a sociable and great person to talk to but to think the changes in his life would have made him incapable of ever being that way again.

Shrugging, he whispered a quiet, "I'm drawn to you."

The End

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