Chapter XIII (Part Five) : Kai - Slippery Introductions ☵

Groaning to himself, he marched out of the rest room knowing better than to dwell on thoughts that would only give him a headache. As he made his way towards the bleachers, his gaze zeroed in on one person in particular.

She's sitting in my seat.

Chewing on the inside of his cheek in contemplation, he decided approaching her won't be a bad thing. If she was as hot-headed in real life as she was on the field, then there might be a slight problem. But Kai could handle it. She was just some chick - right?

Forcing a smile, he approached her. She didn't seem to notice his presence, even when he sat down on the vacant chair next to her. Opening his mouth, Kai tried coming up with a catchy introductry line.

"You're the fiery kind, eh?"

He grimaced on the inside, slapping himself for coming up with the lamest thing to say to a girl who he'd seen kick a ball that went on fire. Apparently, she wasn't all that amused as she turned to meet his gaze, glowering. But Kai maintained the pleasent smile, waiting for it.

The End

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