Chapter XIII (Part Four) : Kai - Slippery Introductions ☵

Swinging the door open, he entered the restroom and headed over to the sink. He opened the tap, letting the water flow through his hand, soft and comforting. Sighing, Kai doused his face with the cool liquid a few times before looking up at the mirror. His reflection showed a mess.

His dirty blonde hair was a mess, and he looked almost flushed as a deep red tint found its way to his cheeks. Kai turned off the tap and waited for his face to dry, not bothering with a tissue. The drops of water that clung to his skin didn't fall and frustrated, he wiped them off with his palm.

What am I going to do?

His life had gotten so messy since he'd learnt that he was some sort of a mutated human. Right now, his human aims were to satisfy his parents and get them to be proud of him. But he desired to delve deeper into his abilities - to explore what he could do.

Kai knew he had some sort of a power bestowed to him but the huge question was, how will he use it?

The End

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