Chapter XIII (Part Three) : Kai - Slippery Introductions ☵

Don't go over your head about this. Just because you know you're not normal doesn't mean you accuse someone else of it.

Kai scolded himself. He desired to have someone to show his powers to and someone who might just be like him. What he'd seen had been a miracle - it's not scientifically or humanly possible. And he doubted that God would go around making soccer balls light fire when He could be saving the world.

Sighing, Kai stood up and walked down the aisle and towards the restrooms. He needed a breather.

If only Moira had understood.

He grimaced at the memory that still bit him whenever he thought of it. Ever since that day, he'd been avoiding Moira and she - being the sharpest girl he'd ever known - sensed the queasiness that had crept into their friendship. She'd tried to talk to him when she had the chance but Kai cut her off, making up an excuse to avoid it.

She'd given him her answer; rejection. She'd laughed the idea off when he'd proposed it, probably thinking him to be mad. And that had shown him what she really thought about it. He didn't want to risk messing the only friendship he had any more.

The End

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