Chapter XIII (Part Two) : Kai - Slippery Introductions ☵

The game began. The school wearing the green-colored sports clothing turned into blurs as they speeded along the field, passing the ball second to second. It was never with one person which made it difficult for other team to get it and only after the shortest seconds, a whistle rang through the air as they had scored.

Kai saw the girl raise her arm above her head, and looking pretty frustrated with the fact that their team was behind. But very soon, she went into action. The next time the play begun, the ball was passed to her and she took her revenge.

She was agile, slipping with ease through the several players on defense as she took control of the game. Kai watched her, intent to see how this was going to end but he felt he already knew the answer.

The girl kicked the ball, sending it hurling through the air. But even from a distance, he could make out the sudden change. The ball caught fire midway through its journey - bright red flames on the surface before it crashed into the net.

Cheers broke out among the crowd and those who sat nearest to him got up on their feet, clapping and smiling as if this were some sort of a circus. But it wasn't a freak act that had taken place.

Kai sensed something different about that girl as he watched her with an intense gaze from the bleachers. She was frozen on the spot as her teammates engulfed her - eyes transfixed on the ball that just a second ago, had been nothing short of normal.

She was different.

The End

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