Chapter XII (Part Thirteen) : Ena - Pants on Fire ☲

"Sumners! What happened out there?"

Groaning, Ena turned robotically to look up at Mr. Stevens. His usually soft features were stern as he looked down at her with his concerned gray eyes.

"You were playing very well! Why'd you leave the field?"

"Sir!" She shouted, slapping her hands down against her thigh. Mr. Stevens raised an eyebrow, challenging her to go on but Ena bit down on her lower lip, suppressing the curses that were just on the point of release. Why are most of them acting blind?

"The ball went on fire! It's not normal," she said, taming her tone.

"So? You got us a goal. The ball went on fire and sure, that's sort of freaky and all but now's the time to win, not to complain."

Standing up, Ena reached for her bag and hauled it over her shoulder. "In that case, I've won today."

Without a word, she stepped away from the field and her coach, as she headed towards the changing rooms. Ena had played enough soccer for the rest of her life.

The End

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