Chapter XII (Part Eleven) : Ena - Pants on Fire ☲

The crowd's reaction was instantaneous. A ripple broked out among them as they all stood up, looks of excitement mixed with that of the thrill they felt as they watched the scene in front of them.

The flaming ball flew through the air and towards the upper most left corner of the open goal. Swish.

Ena had scored.

Screams broke out within the field as her fellow teammates came running to her. She felt hard thumps on her back, people's shiny white teeth as they flashed happy smiles at her. Annoyed and scared, she looked at all of them with an incredulous expression in her eyes.

"Did you all not see what happened?"

"Of course we did! But you scored girl! You scored!" Kiera gave Ena a hug, grinning happily as she hopped around, clapping at the brilliance of the new girl on her team.

"It caught fire," Ena whispered, hoping for a different, and more human reaction.

"Wicked as that was, you got our team some points. I think that's what matters," Marianne said.

Ena's eyes averted from the faces of her teammates to those of the crowd. Now they were reacting like normal people - fear and curiousity written across their faces. And Ena's abilities had been seen by more than a hundred people. Not exactly what she'd been hoping for.

The End

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