Chapter XII (Part Ten) : Ena - Pants on Fire ☲

Swiftly, she took control. Ena ran, her feet but quick touches against the grass as she moved forward, maintaining the ball between her feet. Several defensive players from the opposing team came forward, attempting at stealing the ball from her but they couldn't.

Ena had a way of playing that made her team confident that they just might win the game. Confidence exhibited from her aura and she felt a smile come onto her lips. Grinning at the last opponent who failed at her attempt to prevent Ena, she moved past her and kicked the ball with as much force as possible.

That second seemed to span infinitely. The ball soared through the air with a momentum that had been fored by the power of the kick. The goalie's expression changed from one of anxiety to fear. The ball got closer, swerving to the left but that wasn't what caused the reaction of the crowd.

Red tears started to appear on the surface of the ball, shimmering lightly before growing to a mass that consumed the entire spherical shape. Flames danced on the surface.

The ball was on fire.

The End

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