Chapter XII (Part Nine) : Ena - Pants on Fire ☲

No one had been expecting it. As far as most people were concerned, they were here to hang out with their friends and watch sports. Fireballs? Not something you see everyday.

After a quick practice session with her team, they dispersed onto the field, spreading out to their assigned positions. Ena was attacker, alongside Marianne who gave her a small smile when they turned to face each other.

"Are you new to playing?" Marianne asked softly.

Ena nodded but answered back with a witty, "But I'm old to winning."

Marianne flashed her a grin. Ena wasn't as bad as she'd thought. But now wasn't the time for socializing.

When the referee blew the whistle, the field turned into a blur of action. The opposing team was fast moving, constantly passing the ball from one person to another. They were quick, and within seconds, had scored a goal.

Ena raised her arms above her head, stretching them out in frustration.

"This definitely isn't a good start," Marianne hissed, clenching her jaw as her eyes swerved around the field, trying to come up with a good plan.

"Well then, let's make it one."

The team assembled near the mid-line, and this time Ena drew closer to them. Exchanging a quick glance with Kiera - the team leader - she knew what was going to happen next.

The ball was kicked to her.

The End

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