Chapter XII (Part Eight) : Ena - Pants on Fire ☲

The bus ride was short, lasting only a half hour or so. The academy at which the meet was being held was in town, and not so far away from Ena's school. A lot of the different schools from around the city, private and public, were joining for today's events.

Ena could hear the girls giggling at the thought of seeing 'other boys'. Frankly, she still hadn't had a taste of their crazy and hormonal world where they'd drool over the sight of attractive guys. She was still oblivious to those emotions. It was a waste of time after all...most guys are.

When the tires hissed against the scratchy surface of the cement, Ena immediately snapped out of her thoughts. Taking her earphones out, she shoved them into a small pocket in her bag before getting up and following the others towards the exit of the bus.

The sunlight was fresh as it hit her softly. Unlike it's usual strong nature, the sun wasn't as difficult to deal with today. For once, things seemed to be going well and everything felt as if it were her on a favorable side.

Well...until Ena got on the field.

The End

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