Chapter XII (Part Seven) : Ena - Pants on Fire ☲

Within a half hour, all the students had assembled themselves into their respective school buses. Everyone was excited for the field trip - it had been ages since they'd gone out on an interschool meet. Their school was one of the least liveliest of the ones in the city. So this was big, something that required celebration.

Ena sat at the back, alone as usual. Her fellow teammates sat in the rows in front of her, occasionally lookcing back to check on Ena. It was abnormal for coach to recruit someone onto the team on such short notice but he had some faith in this 'Ena'. Obviously, this stimulated them into believing that she was something of an interesting 'thing' to talk to.

But of course, everyone was intimidated by her too much to even say a word.

The bus stirred to life, jerking forward which caused Ena to slightly lean to the right. Resting her head against the window pane, she closed her eyes, popping in her earphones. The familiar melodies of her favorite songs played through her mind as she relaxed herself.

Today was going to be a long day, but for the first time in quite a while....Ena was looking forward to it.

The End

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