Chapter XII (Part Six) : Ena - Pants on Fire ☲

Eyes turned to meet her face as Ena walked into the school campus. Everyone could tell that something was different about her. Not only was there a smile on her face, but her generally dull aura had something of a fire in it. There was a bounce in her step as she headed towards the gym, her sports bag swinging from side to side.

Entering the cool air-conditioned atmosphere, she gave her coach a small smile as he turned, surprised to see her. "Sumners?"

"I couldn't turn your order down," she admitted sheepishly. "I have a knack to please adults."

Amused, Mr. Stevens gave her a pat on the shoulder and turned around to meet the rest of the Under-Eighteen Girls' Soccer Team. Most of them were seniors and knew Ena from the crazy rumours they'd heard about her. Having her on the team made them worried...and a little intimidated.

But if coach said she was going to play, then they would let her. There was no fighting that.

The End

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