Chapter XII (Part Five) : Ena - Pants on Fire ☲

That night, she fell asleep quickly. Exhausted from the day's activities, her body went to rest the moment she sunk back into the mattress. And her sleep was rather peaceful - missing the nightmares and occasional factors that would wake her up.

It was the beeping of her alarm clock at exactly seven in the morning that jerked her out of bed. Quickly, she took a shower, and got dressed into her clothes before skipping downstairs for breakfast. After a hurried meal of cereal, as per usual, she let herself out the house and walked towards the school.

Ena didn't take the bus today - she wanted to pump up her muscles, get some of the energy running around her body. Strangely, she felt a little excited. She'd never played football in public and though she was a little nervous that she might blow it, it didn't concern her that much.

Today would be her day; no one would hold her back.

If there's one thing she controlled well in her life, it was her ability to score the goal.

The End

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