Chapter XII (Part Four) : Ena - Pants on Fire ☲

Ena didn't want to go play in front of a billion people and humiliate herself on the field. Playing attacker was a huge thing. All she ever did was practice kicking the ball into the goal but if she joined the team, she knew she'd bring them down with her.

Mr. Stevens had sounded so confident, his voice teetering on the edge of being cocky when he'd looked down at her with that sneer of his. 'You'll come, I know you will'. She won't!

Ena convinced herself into believing that throughout the rest of the day. She spent it alone in her room, working her way through her assignments and homework set out for the day. Then, she went downstairs to start heating yesterday's leftovers which would be dinner for the night.

Even during the meal with Grandma Josephine (who was oddly quiet), her mind swirled with thoughts of what to do. Amidst everything going on, this would just be a waste of time. Ena never liked to do things not worth her while.

But simultaneously, she didn't want to disobey orders. She'd always had a knack to listen to her elders.

Packing her bag for the next school day - she included some shorts and a baggy t-shirt. She would need to use it if she was ever going to at least make herself comfortable on the field.

Oh yes, Ena was going. How much she didn't want to.

The End

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