Chapter XII (Part Three) : Ena - Pants on Fire ☲

She was just about to open the door to leave the gym when she heard a familar voice call out to her.


Groaning, she turned around and met the eyes of her coach - Mr. Stevens - with the most monotonous expression on her face. "Yes, Sir?" She asked, in a zombie-like tone.

"So have you considered joining the basketball team?" He asked, folding his arms across his chest as he scrutinized her.

"No," she answered. Why does he even bother asking her in the first place? Her reply has always been the same.

"Well I've added your name to the list of the students who will be attending tommorow's interschool sports meet."

Ena's jaw dropped open, as she glared at the teacher in surprise and anger. What now?

"You will be representing us as attacker on the field, for the girls team. If not basketball, then at least soccer." He brought his hands, levelling them together. "It's a balance situation."

"No it's not!" She spat, despite the fact that he was an elder and she should 'respect' them. But her anger took over her temporarily as she shouted at her coach. "I didn't even sign up for this! You can't just tell me on a day's notice and expect me to show up at some stupid school meet!"

"Either way, you'll be going. It's a field trip."

He gave her a cheeky grin. She mustered up curses at the tip of her tongue but couldn't let them out. Instead, turning on her heel, she stormed out the gym, head high and proud.

I won't be going!

The End

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