Chapter XII (Part Two) : Ena - Pants on Fire ☲

Ena took her time, shoving aside the voices of the girls in the room who gossiped away about the latest scoop within the school. She'd never taken an interest in who was dating who, or whether the cheerleader really was cheating on the quarterback. Her life had passed that stage of caring a long time ago.

That's why she stuck out so much - Ena didn't go by the mentality of the kids in the school which made her an outcast. Personally though, she would rather do anything in the world than to be one of them.

Stepping out of her shower, she wrapped a towel around her before grabbing her sports bag and moving to another, more secluded area, where she could get dressed without those girls watching her. They had a way of staring her up and down, which didn't only make her feel uncomfortable but violated.

Who knew what these girls told the people about her? They were all gossip-hogs, and Ena didn't want to have any rumors flying around about her, thank you very much.

She quickly changed into her black skinny jeans and hoodie before heading out. Her red hair was still wet, but she just wanted to go home right now. It was better off than being here.

The End

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