Chapter XII : Ena - Pants on Fire ☲

Chapter XII

Ena - Pants on Fire

High pitched giggles echoed off the walls of the shower room as Ena entered it. The steam hit her, causing beads of perspiration to glisten on the surface of her skin as she stripped out of her clothes and stepped into one of the free shower cubicles. The feel of the warm water as it poured down on her caused her to sigh as she leaned back, relaxing her muscles.

They were sore from the one and a half hour game of basketball that her coach had forced her to play in. Ena had never been one of the sporty girls in her high school. She was one of the people that was picked last, not because of her inability to play but because she never quite showed the interest in it.

Ena could get down to business if she wanted to. She had a good sense of coordination, and was known to be seen during the lunch break - shooting hoops in the indoors basketball court or doing some penalty shots. Lots of people thought she was brilliant, especially the coach when the rumors had floated to his ears.

And so he pressured her into playing during P.E but so far, it hadn't made much of a difference.

Sports aside, she had a life to tend to. But her coach didn't know that, or pretended not to.

The End

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