Chapter XI (Part Ten) : Daphne - An Intruder ☷

"But freaky coincidences aside, I'd like to introduce myself." The boy stepped forward, closing the distance between the two with just a few steps towards her. "The name's Camden," he said, reaching out his hand.

She stared at it for awhile, unsure. Looking up, she met his warm blue eyes and suddenly, the realization - it almost forced her. But he was right - something about him was different. She could trust him.

"Daphne." Slipping her hand into his, she gave him a light shake.

"Cute," he replied, giving her another one of those dorky grins.

Rolling her eyes, she sat down on the Earth, tugging him down with her. Daphne had never had any friends...but ever since she'd run away from the orphanage, everything had started turning out to be different. She loved her life now; as sudden as the events might have been.

"And I don't think this was a coincidence."

Camden's eyebrows raised slightly. "You don't?"

She shook her head at him slowly, a shy smile making its way to her lips. "This feels right somehow. Like we were meant to meet each other?"

It came out as a question, not wanting to sound odd. But Camden nodded, knowing exactly what she meant. He felt it too. 

Little did they know that destiny had different plans for them.

The End

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