Chapter XI (Part Nine) : Daphne - An Intruder ☷

He let go immediately and she took a step forward, turning away from him as she frowned, rubbing the skin on her wrist. It was a bit red and felt a little tender but otherwise she was fine. Still not turning to the boy, she moved towards the tree and bent down to pick up her knife.

The boy watched her all the while with curious but friendly eyes. Daphne could feel his gaze, boring into her back but she tried to ignore his presence. Why had he come here in the first place? He didn't know her, she didn't know him. Strangers stay strangers.

But even after slipping her knife into a small but handy pocket, she turned to him and found him looking at her with a quirky smile on his lips.

"What?" She asked, shyness coming over her as a blush rose up in her cheeks.

"You're much prettier than I imagined you'd be." Running a hand through his black hair, he leaned back against a tree and gave her a flirty grin, flashing his pearly white teeth at her.

Daphne barely took it as a compliment though, missing the meaning behind his words. Instead, she shrugged and asked, "How did you even know I was here?"

Pausing, his eyebrows mashed together in confusion. "I didn't...I mean I knew something was here but I didn't know it was you." Silence followed shortly before he said, "It was on impulse. I just...followed my heart."

He expected her to laugh, but she didn't. Daphne knew what he meant - she related to it. Afterall, every decision she'd made in her life was based on her heart. This was not new to her.

The End

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