Chapter XI (Part Eight) : Daphne - An Intruder ☷

Before Daphne could bend down to retrieve the weapon, the boy turned around. Alarmed, she stared at him, memorizing the features of his rather handsome face. His sparkling blue eyes were amused, in contrast with her own filled with surprise. Clenching her jaw, she was about to throw a punch at his face when he took hold of her hand, twisting it at the least painful way he possibly could.

"I hate to have resorted to this kind of behaviour. Honestly, I'm not that bad," he whispered, a smile tinkering on his lips. Her back was to him now, their roles reversed. But the bitterness in her voice was as sharp as ice as she spat, "Your lies are as bad as your looks."

He laughed. "Thanks for the compliment," he said with a grin.

"I definitely didn't mean it as one."

The boy sighed, the little puff of air tickling Daphne's ears. He was trying to move elsewhere, to the North, but Daphne dug her feet into the ground. She wasn't leaving.

"I promise I won't hurt you if I let you go; but you have to agree to trust me," he said.

"Why should I? I don't even know you!"

"All the more reason to listen. You could be setting yourself in for more danger if you don't."

The boy had a point, and was good with his words. Daphne bit down on her lower lip as she skimmed through her chances of escaping but they were pretty low. His grip was that of an iron one, hard and tight. Even if she yanked away, she doubted being fast enough to get back to the place she'd dropped the knife.

Sighing, she gave up and muttered reluctantly, "It's a deal."

The End

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