Chapter XI (Part Seven) : Daphne - An Intruder ☷

The boy froze, his posture tensing as he tried turning around, insistent to see his attacker but Daphne retaliated by pressing the knife closer to his skin. She didn't want to be hurt; especially by some teenage boy whose butt she could totally kick. He hadn't showed any signs of hostility but it had been so long since she'd interacted with anyone in the 'proper' way, that she didn't know what to think.

"I'm not going to hurt you," he whispered, his voice soft as he tried turning around once more but Daphne didn't listen to him. He brought up his hands on either side of him, as if to surrendur.

Daphne's hand shook as she took a tight hold of his, dragging him back to the tree. She pushed him roughly up against the bark as she interrogated him.

"Who sent you?"

"No one did."

She bit down on her lower lip, frustration seeping into her at the sound of how calm he sounded. Not a drop of fear in his voice; now that really wasn't normal at all.

"Don't lie to me! What do you want?!"

"Do you really think I'm here to harm you? I was just passing through the forest and stumbled by here...that's all there is to it."

Daphne sensed a lie in his words. He was here for another purpose, but the sincerity in what he'd said made her falter. Her hands grew sweaty, grip on the knife loosening just slightly but well enough for it to slip out of her hand.

And when it did, the boy took his chance.

The End

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