Chapter XI (Part Four) : Daphne - An Intruder ☷

A group of his brothers and sisters had followed him, standing behind him as they looked at Daphne with admiration. Not only were there squirrels but ferrets, hedgehogs and a small baby porcupine had also tagged along.

Daphne's mouth was stretched into a small 'O' of surprise as her eyes passed over with wonder at the group of animals that watched her with an equal level of fascination. She questioned if this was infact 'normal behaviour' for animals - to be so friendly with her.

One of the girls from the orphanage had said that she'd lived in a home temporarily where she'd had a dog and a cat for pets. But Daphne had never thought human and animal interaction could be as swell as she had it.

Loneliness was her first association with human emotion in her life. But after meeting Mr. Squirrel, and now the new group, she didn't feel that way anymore. Was that even normal?

The End

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