Chapter XI (Part Three) : Daphne - An Intruder ☷

After Daphne finished her meal, she followed the squirrel who beckoned to her then ran through the trees. He paused from time to time, looking back to see if Daphne was following him, which she was.

The squirrel led her though more turns and curves of the forest, finally arriving in front of a brilliantly tall tree. It branched out, it's firm roots embedded into the ground. Daphne stepped over each one, following the small squirrel as it skipped onto one of the branches and disappeared from view.

What's he going to show me now?

She sat herself down onto the soil, rocking lightly from side to side as she waited for her friend to come back. As she did, she looked around and realized she'd passed this place when she'd been running. This tree was like the Mother of all the others. Not only was it the tallest and probably the oldest, but it somehow connected with the others around it.

Did the squirrel families live here? Was this where most of the beings of the forest made themselves a home?

She'd seen a silhouette the previous night, that resembled that an owl. And many other pigeons and birds had been perched upon the thick branches. Shrugging to herself, Daphne's attention was diverted when the squirrel returned.

But this time, he wasn't alone.

The End

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