Chapter XI (Part Two) : Daphne - An Intruder ☷

Daphne stood still, her eyes slowly going over the several snacks in front of her that could only have been brought from one place: the orphanage. How had they gotten here? Questions arose in her mind bu she didn't watn to find the answers just yet; right now, she was going to 'dig in'.

All traces of table manners that Daphne had adapted disappeared in that one second she literally pounced onto her food. Her hunger clouded her from remembering how exactly to be 'lady-like' during a meal. 

Stuffing the chocolate mini-cakes into her mouth with a combination of the berries, she ate like an animal. Her stomach churned in happiness as she savored the taste of the food.

The sound of soft paws against the soil made her look up and she met the eyes of the squirrel. He gave her a toothy smile, raising a paw as if to urge her to eat on.

Smiling back, she whispered, "Thanks for the breakfast."

He nodded, watching her as she continued to eat till her heart's content.

The End

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