Chapter XI : Daphne - An Intruder ☷

Chapter XI

Daphne - An Intruder

Daphne woke up in the morning to the call of a few pigeons. Opening her eyes slightly, she saw them huddled quite close to her, squeaking from time to time as they watched her with their beady black eyes.

Looking up, she noticed that the sunlight streamed through the gaps of the tall trees, hitting her in the lightest way possible so as for her to sleep comfortably. The trees didn't want their Mother to be in any discomfort and so had bended willingly during sometime of the early dawn.

But now that Daphne had woken, they returned to their normal and straight posture - tall and steady. Daphne stood up, stretching. Her hands dropped to her stomach that groaned, demanding some food.

"I think I need your services again Mr. Squirrel," she muttered, looking around to see if her friend was closeby. But he'd known she'd ask beforehand, and at the base of the tree was a large pile of berries and other delicacies.

Human delicacies.

The End

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