Chapter X (Part Six) : Kai - Fooling Around With Water ☵

Entering the bathroom, he stepped into the tub. Taking the shower-spray into his hand, he turned the faucet on and the water sprayed out forcefully. Without even thinking about what he was doing, he adjusted it onto the metal hold above and stepped right in front of it.

The water soaked his clothes, travelling through the seams of the material to his skin. A wave of trepidation swept through him, his hands tightening by his sides into fists. Kai's eyes closed, as he tried to breathe but his body shook violently. Power he hadn't felt before surged through him, causing his nerve points to stand on end.

It was too much for Kai - too much to take in one shot and he released himself, stepping out of the tub. The brunt of the water was now forced on the plain white tiles of the tub as Kai stared at the spot he'd been standing in.

He'd expected something similar from that which had happened yesterday. But today's experience was too much of an impact, too strong for him to take. But just the glimpse of it had been enough...for now.

Kai wanted more. He was curious, curious to this new side of him that he'd found. Kai had never been one for power but he could feel something inside of him, awakening. It roared inside of him; waiting to be released.

And he would let it out...soon.

The End

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