Chapter X (Part Five) : Kai - Fooling Around With Water ☵

Kai sunk back into his thoughts, letting his emotions out now that he was alone. His face pulled into a tight frown as his hands clenched into fists. Why? Why had he made that stupid mistake of telling her? Now things would just be awkward around the two of them until he told her the complete truth. But Kai didn't want to risk that after seeing her reaction.

A part of him justified her cause for laughing at him - it sounded humanly incapable. And Moira still lived in a world where she didn't think magic could exist. But Kai's world had changed the moment he'd discovered what he was capable of.

He liked that power - as selfish as that made him sound. It touched him, made him feel like a whole new person. The water signified a part of his life he'd never had the chance of keeping for himself; freedom to be who he wanted to be.

He'd been confined within the wishes and expectations his parents had set for him but this new had nothing to do with all that. And that made him feel excited, it made him crave for more.

Kai got off the bed with a plan in his head; and this time, he wouldn't back away from it.

The End

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