Chapter X (Part Four) : Kai - Fooling Around With Water ☵

Moira stared at Kai, her eyes widening slightly as she stifled a giggle. Her frame shook as she tried to keep the laugh within her but terribly failed. Dropping the piece of toast back onto the plate, she brought her hand to cover her mouth as she started laughing incredulously.

Kai looked unimpressed, and wordlessly crept under the covers of his bed, giving Moira the cold shoulder. He felt her crawl up to him, nudging his shoulder as he hid himself deeper under the blanket.

"Come on Kai! I didn't mean it in that way, but you have to admit, that sounds really...well..."

Another fit of laughs escaped her and Kai felt the irritation increase inside of him. He should have expected this. Moira had been the practical one of the two - the one who had her head down from the clouds and her feet on the Earth. He might as well have not told her at all.

"I get it. I was only just joking," Kai answered in a perfectly composed voice that suppressed the anger.

He popped his head up from the corner and said, "I'm fine. Just go."

Her laugh died away, the smile wiped off her face when she noticed that Kai hadn't been joking. He didn't have to be direct about it for her to know but he was clearly upset with her. But it was best for her to do what he wanted. She didn't want to anger him any further.

Sighing, she slid off the bed and walked out of his room, shooting another glance over her shoulder at him but all she saw was his chocolate brown eyes as he watched her leave.

The End

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