Chapter X (Part Two) : Kai - Fooling Around With Water ☵

Three knocks on the door distracted him from his thoughts and he got up, heading towards it to open it when the person entered. Moira never really waited for Kai - she usually helped herself in all the time.

"Morning!" She chirped, closing the door behind her and heading towards the small area of the kitchen. She got out a small plate and took some of the warm toast and omelette, that Kai had made but hadn't ate.

"Hey," he muttered in response, moving back to his bed.

"That is not a happy hi! What's wrong?" Moira asked, concerned as she sat herself down onto the chair near his desktop area and rolled herself over. Kai didn't answer, shaking his head as a signal to drop it.

"So wait, when you want to know what's wrong with me, I have to answer to you. But for once, I'm asking you and you say you can't tell me? Come on Kai!"

"It's complicated!" He said, glaring at her from the bed.

"I can deal with complicated. I can listen to complicated."

Moira insisted. She pushed Kai for the next five minutes, wanting to know what was going on. She'd seen the way he'd come back after the mid-term, with a wide grin on his face that was so cheesy she'd never seen him like that before. And yet, his attitude this morning wasn't showing what it had been yesterday.

Something was up.

The End

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