Chapter X : Kai - Fooling Around With Water ☵

Chapter X

Kai - Fooling Around With Water

One drop...

Then another.

Kai focused hard on the silver droplets of water that fell, second by prolonged second, from the tap. He still hadn't forgotten about the events of that one afternoon. How could he possibly have?

During the exam, he couldn't shake off the feeling of standing out in the rain, letting it be a part of him. But that didn't distract him as he ended up being the first one out the exam hall, exhibiting confidence as he walked back to his residence.

The rain had come to a stop by then, and he'd been disappointed. But the sky wasn't the only place from which water fell down. Yet, sitting there, staring at every single drop of water that fell into the sink; he felt vaguely pathetic.

Here I am; thinking that I'm some sort of mythological God when my parents are actually worried about whether or not I'll pass my exams.

He snorted to himself, standing up as he exited the small kitchen and went back to his room. Falling down on the bed, he sighed, tucking his arms behind his head as he stared at the ceiling in thought.

Kai thought he was mad, for even thinking that such a thing as 'magic' exists. But he'd felt it in him, he'd connected with the rain - he'd felt somewhat of a superiority over it. It was as if it couldn't hurt him, wouldn't hurt him as the sharp hail had turned into mere drops of water.

What more of an explanation could he possibly get?

The End

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