Chapter IX (Part Nine) : Ena - Fiery Nightmares ☲

The sound was soon overridden by voices - one voice panicking in her mind. It belonged to a boy.

Should I do something?

No! There's nothing you can do!

The sound around her was blocked by that one voice - directed at her predicament. She didn't feel anything now - instead her mind focused on the words. A cry of help rang through - her cry. And soon the world came crashing down on her.

Senses back to life; the scent of the smoke was gone, replaced by that of a freshly mown lawn. Ena took a long and deep breath, her eyes opening slightly. She was teetering on the edge of consciousness, half of her falling into the void of sleep.

But she saw one thing, and it would stay as a significant part of her memory for the years to come.

Dark chocolate brown pools that looked down on her - the color of her birthday cake.

The End

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