Chapter IX (Part Eight) : Ena - Fiery Nightmares ☲

Heat rushed through Ena, a sudden wave of thrill that washed over her. Something grew inside her stomach, sensations mounting till they reached the peak. Ena couldn't make sense of anything that was happening inside of her - it was too fast. Just as she leaned forward to blow out the last candle, things started to fall apart.

The blue fire of the flame ignited in one second - an explosion that threw the three of them back against the wall. Ena's head slammed against the glass frame, shards of it entering the tender skin of her scalp as pain streaked through her head. She heard the screams of her parents, but her senses were a mere haze as a pounding grew larger in her head.


She opened her eyes slowly, squinting at the bright flames that danced in front of her. It consumed everything - the oil paintings were now glowing red, melting at the mercy of the fire.

Ena couldn't react - the migraine in her head pounding away as it feasted on her consciousness. Her eyes closed once more, a sharp jolt of a cut slicing through her head. She cried out, the fire roaring around her.

The End

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