Chapter IX (Part Six) : Ena - Fiery Nightmares ☲

It had been a calm night. Silence filled the atmosphere, the still air of the cool weather just a medium waiting to be broken. And it was.

Screams shattered the moment - but not one of pain. Joy filled the face of a small child. Her red hair was cut short, hanging just near her chin as her green eyes swept over the room. Ena's lips were pulled into a wide grin of glee. She clapped her hands together, jumping up and down in happiness.

Candles were lit in a circular path around the table. Between the flickers of fire, sat in the centre was a chocolate cake - it looked delicious and mouth-watering. Pinned in the middle of the cake was a large "12". And indeed, Ena was.

"Happy birthday sweetie," her mother said, leaning down as she gave a soft kiss on the head to her daughter. Laughing, Ena turned around and replied with a hug - thanking her.

The red-haired woman scooped her daughter into her arms, twirling her around.

"Enough! You'll shake her tummy up so bad she won't want to eat the cake!"

The End

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