Chapter IX (Part Five) : Ena - Fiery Nightmares ☲


Taking in a deep breath, she bent down, resting her weight on the back of her calves as she kneeled back. She reached out, the tips of her fingers fluttering over the dips on the marble surface. The cloud above dispersed as a spotlight fell down on her. The words unraveled themselves - familiar names coming into appearance.

Tears pricked the corner of her eyes, cool against her burning skin. They flowed down her face as past memories flew through her mind. Her mother's calm smile when her daughter made a mistake, and her father's blue eyes as they twinkled when he sung her to sleep.

She wanted them - she wanted to hug them and hear them scold her when she did something wrong. But Ena knew that was impossible. She wept, shaking in a small frame of tears and sobs that wracked her body.

Images of the flame, her parents’ bodies, the tendrils of suffocating smoke she'd escaped; it hit her with a strong impact that she hadn't felt in a long time. Ena's breaths grew shallow and deep as she wrapped her arms around herself.

Not another panic attack.

Ena tried to calm herself but to no avail. Memories that had been subsiding inside overcame her - taking her in.

The End

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