Chapter IX (Part Four) : Ena - Fiery Nightmares ☲

Tombstones surrounded either side of the strip she was walking on. The shadows looming over them made it hard to read the names imprinted on them but she knew where to go.

Ena walked on, measuring her steps in the blindness of the night but her eyes fell on the silhouette of the willow tree. She recognized it from her previous visits, and she remembered that her parents' tombstone was beneath it.

Ena's hands shook by her side as she approached it. The last time she'd been here was more than three months ago. But there was a yearning - almost guilt. She needed her parents by her side, their spirits to be felt. And the only place she could be at to feel them was here.

Grandma Josephine never liked coming here. She thought it to be a mourning place and it is, for most people. But Ena's solace was here.

The End

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